Privacy Policy

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before using this website


This Privacy Policy may be modified at any time in accordance with applicable laws upon notice. Personal information provided by the user to FASTPAY will be used, stored, and protected in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act.

I. Use of the Registered User’s Information

Based on the services provided, FASTPAY may request the user to fill in the relevant information required for the service, and processes, uses, and internationally transmits such personal information within the scope of the following purposes: 1. Managing the relationship between FASTPAY and the user, such as providing business, accounts, or services to the user. 2. Introducing and providing FASTPAY’s products or services. 3. Meeting FASTPAY’s business or operational needs, including but not limited to business and technical information, customer management, membership management, marketing, information and database management, statistical research and analysis, risk control, implementation of anti-money laundering operations, and coordination with global investigations of counter terrorism. 4. Fulfilling the purposes listed in this article, or other purposes within the scope of FASTPAY’s business registration, purposes specified in FASTPAY’s by-laws, or purposes permitted by law.

II. Customer Information Categorization

Based on the needs of the service provided, the user may be required to provide the following categories of personal information: 1. Basic information: including but not limited to name, date and place of birth, specimen signature or biometrics (fingerprint, face liveness detection, palm print, etc.), photo, present and permanent address, source of fund or income, name of employer or the nature or self-employment or business, contact details such as personal telephone number, personal mobile number and personal email address, mother’s maiden name, and marital status 2. Account information: including but not limited to account numbers or numbers for similar functions, deposit account numbers, trading account numbers, credits and loans, and other transaction information and financial information. Notwithstanding the foregoing, actual information collected is subject to the requirements of the business transactions, accounts or services between the parties.

III. Storage and Custody of Customer Information

The user’s personal information is kept strictly in FASTPAY’s database system. In addition, anyone who needs to obtain and use such information can only do so in accordance with data usage policies set forth by FASTPAY; anyone who is not within the scope of authorization should not and will not be able to acquire such information.

IV. Data Security and Protection Mechanism

FASTPAY uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) mechanism for data transmission encryption, and has installed a firewall to prevent unauthorized intrusion and unauthorized access to the user’s personal information.

V. Third Parties to which Customer Information is Disclosed

FASTPAY will never disclose the user’s personal information to other entities or individuals, whether through sale, exchange, lease, or other alternative methods. FASTPAY will only share the user’s personal information with a third party in the following three situations. 1. With the user’s prior consent or authorization; 2. Upon requests via legal and formal procedures from judicial or other competent authorities; 3. In order to provide other services or promotions to the user, if it is necessary to share the user’s information with the third party who provides the services or promotions, FASTPAY should provide sufficient explanation and notification to the user, and the user is free to choose whether to accept the services or promotions.

VI. Opt-Out Mechanism

In accordance with the statutory requirements and the scope of agreed uses specified in the relevant contract or electronic documents between the user and FASTPAY, FASTPAY should cross use and disclose the information provided with its business partners and affiliates. If the user is not willing to provide or continue providing usage of personal information to FASTPAY or FASTPAY’s business partners and affiliates, the user can contact FASTPAY Customer Service Center, and FASTPAY should cease using the user’s personal information. The user can determine the scope of the personal data provided, but if the information provided is insufficient or in error, FASTPAY may not be able to provide or complete the relevant services. To assist with the user’s request to cease usage, FASTPAY may delete the user’s related remittance records. FASTPAY should remove or cease usage of the information after obtaining the user’s consent.

VII. Revision of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be revised, modified, updated and/or supplemented at any time, without prior notice, at the sole discretion of FASTPAY. When we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify all users on our website, and make the amended Privacy Policy available on our website. Please contact us with questions, comments, or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy.

VIII. Others

In order to facilitate the user’s understanding of the content, this Privacy Policy may be translated into different languages; if there is any inconsistency between the original text and the translated version, the original text shall govern.